At Enerpion, quality is regarded as a priority of performance in complying the customers’ expectations in full by grounding on customer satisfaction.

Quality policy of Enerpion: “To make sure that all our services meet our customers’ expectations.”

Enerpion; embrace and implement the understanding of quality at all management levels.

The quality objectives and the performance indicators are identified, followed and assessed in order to ensure continuous development and improvement.

Our Objectives

  • To ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • To accomplish a quality standard that will meet the customers’ expectations
  • To enhance the employees’ motivation

Our Instruments

  • Quality is adopted and supported at all levels.
  • Quality standards and procedures are created in every field of business.
  • Quality objectives and the performance parameters are identified, followed and assessed in order to ensure continuous development and improvement.
  • Quality trainings are provided at all levels and participation of the personnel in these trainings is encouraged.
  • ​It is ensured that all employees participate in the process of quality management, and support is given to the strengthening of teamwork.


Quality Manual was prepared for the activities of Enerpion and it aims to specify method for meeting customer requests to deliver to the customers, company employees, quality auditors and any other parties concerned. Quality system was identified in detail and documented in the Quality Manual and several procedures that consist the quality system.


Project Quality Plan (PQP) defines the responsibilities of the Enerpion for the Project for Quality Assurance in the manufacturing, supply, construction, installation inspection and testing of the relevant parts of Project.  The Project Quality Plan sets out the general scope and principles of the Project Quality Management System. The relations between the main operations and processes are explained in the relevant procedures.


The Processes required by the quality management system and the applications of the same within Enerpion were identified. Workflows were prepared in order to determine the order of, and interaction of these Processes with each other. Standard Project Procedures are corporate level documents which provide the project personnel with a written description of how processes should be performed as part of the project execution.


Describes the details of the works, how something should be done or operated, which were  identified in the procedures.


A work method statement is a document that details the way a work task or process is to be completed. The method statement identifies outline the hazards involved and include a step by step guide on how to do the job safely.


In order to verify that the specified requirements for the construction, installation and commissioning are met, “Inspection and Test Plans” (ITP) shall be prepared and recorded. Enerpion shall prepare specific Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) and indicate QA/QC responsibilities for each inspection category between the Client, contractors, suppliers and third parties.  Witness points and quality documents required will be shown on these Inspection and Test Plans (ITP).