Enerpion attaches absolute importance to occupational health and safety from the top to the lowest level under its vision, mission and values.

Enerpion includes competent teams and approaches towards its projects proactively. Enerpion has brought an organizational link to its OHS structuring through which it can operate closely with its top management. All OHS processes have been converted into an OHS plan with the participation of the top management, accepted and implemented. Also, resolution of the management has been expressly announced again in our mission.


Enerpion has put into practice an OHS plan of which the general terms and details it has composed by agreeing with all its shareholders. In Enerpion’s OHS Plan, all OHS steps to be followed in all projects to be undertaken have been clarified. The plans have been clarified that the firm will follow in any project that it will undertake under this plan. These plans are:

  • OHS Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • OHS Communications Procedure
  • OHS Operational Procedures

Enerpion revises the plans and procedures listed above as per the conditions, requirements, needs and properties of any specific project undertaken proactively, and makes them suitable for the requirements of the project.


Enerpion also has built its project-specific follow-up mechanism in order to ensure the applicability of the plans, procedures and operations that it specially adapts to each project depending on the needs.

Work System Permit

Enerpion strictly implements its work permit mechanism at its every site for understanding and getting informed of any work to be performed at site by all disciplines and for elimination of possible risks, if any.

Specific Work Hazard Analysis 

Enerpion, despite having done risk analyses specific to each potentially-hazardous work, also conducts a work hazard analysis unique to the relevant work.

Training Programs

Enerpion accepts with the philosophy that every accident is avoidable that continuous training is essential at our sites. Therefore, it is indispensable for our OHS performance that each employee of us receives an active training throughout the project from the first day they start the project. Enerpion adopts a training campaign not only for the OHS performance of its own projects, but also adoption of a culture of occupational safety by their employees that they will benefit from throughout their careers, which it aims and regards important.

OHS Communication (Meetings, Notifications, Warnings)

Communication is an important component of our OHS Management System. It is evident that possible risks could be minimized by improving the communication culture of our employees from all disciplines and at all levels working in our projects.


The OHS performances of our projects are followed by internationally accepted parameters. Our projects are periodically inspected by the Central OHS Department and audit companies, and the results of the audits are evaluated by the project and central management.

  • Workplace Auditing and Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Internal Audits
  • Legal Compliance Control of the Entire System (Reporting)
  • Performance Measurement
  • Reporting


    All kinds of internal and external audits, the data from the projects, and the reports created as a result of the training records are analyzed in detail. It is an important part of our OHS Management System to prevent the repetition of any defect discovered as a result of the analyses. Thus, all accidents and events are investigated in order to identify their original causes. The “Corrective and Preventive Actions” designed as a result of the investigation are shared with all employees in order to take the necessary measures. The corrective and preventive actions are a part of the activity report of the board of the directors, and it is ensured that the top management is involved in the matter.

    • Analysis of Non-compliances and Anomalies
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions
    • Management Review Meetings