Our goal, as Enerpion, is to give “Zero Damage” to the environment in all regions we operate in. For this purpose, detailed studies are done to minimize the internal and external factors that cause environmental pollution. As a result of these studies, it is ensured that resources are used in an efficient and rational way. Therefore, innovations emerging in recycling are used in our projects with close follow-up of the developing technology.

Education is essential to create environmental consciousness. Accordingly, the environmental policies of our company include organization of internal and external education and consciousness-raising activities about the environment and supporting such activities.

Enerpion has adopted continuous development in environmental consciousness as a philosophy with both close follow-up and implementation of recycling technologies and the philosophy of continuous development. It ensures environmental consciousness systematically and regularly in all its areas of activity.

Adopting an Environmental Management System and meeting its requirements also means performing the obligations arising from the current laws. Enerpion is proud of the presence and implementation of an Environmental Management System that is stricter that the current laws.